The most recent news AI delves into the prediction of pedestrian movement by self-driving cars. In summary, the self-driving cars are being taught by researchers to predict and recognize movements with greater precision compared to current technologies by zeroing in on the foot placement, body symmetry, and gait of human beings. Specifically, video snippets of humans in motion are captured by researchers through data collected by vehicles through GPS, LiDAR, and cameras, and they recreate them in 3D computer simulation. In the process, they have been able to catalog human movements via the creation of a biomechanically inspired recurrent neural network. Undoubtedly, this incorporation of AI technology is beneficial in view of the fact that it is bound to reduce the number of risks associated with vehicles and pedestrians. Assuming a drunk driver is on the verge of running over an unaware pedestrian, the vehicle will be able to predict the latter’s presence and evade the accident, thus, saving their life.

man with steel artificial arm sitting in front of white table